About Me

“The harder the conflict, the greater the triumph” - George Washington

My name is Nazanin but you can call me Naz, it’s shorter and easier for many and I am all for making things easier! I am caring and curious, and I live to be of service to others by staying curious.

I am a Certified Master Life Coach, and I am thrilled to have you here! Ever since I discovered my passion for coaching, my life has literally been divided into before I was a coach and after.

I have enjoyed helping clients since and feel very blessed to have found my true calling while I am going through the mid years of my life.

A big lesson I have learned is it is never too late to find your true passion. Sometimes you need to take risks and open yourself to new ideas, other times you need to find the courage within and get out of your comfort zone.

I have also learned not to let “shoulds” drive me, and instead do what lights me up in my own unique way.

I can help you allow true desire to inspire you so that you can be and stay aligned with your genius self.

Together, we can find that inner spark and empower your gifts and strengths.

“The Guest House”

Fear is the anticipation of pain and is simply a perception. I want to help you be fearless and show up in your own skin and do what you want without permission from the outside world! One of Rumi’s (13th century poet) most famous poems that touches on the theme of fear is “The Guest House.” In this poem, Rumi uses the metaphor of a guest house to explore the idea that we should welcome all of our emotions, including fear, as guests who are there to teach us something.

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